What are the Polythene Packaging Benefits?

According to grandviewresearch.com are you aware that plastic packaging is used by 85% of businesses worldwide?

Explore how utilising plastic packaging can significantly enhance your business operations. Plastic packaging presents a multitude of advantages that directly impact your company's profitability. It's not only cost-effective but also budget-friendly, allowing substantial savings on packaging expenses.

The durability of plastic packaging ensures the protection of your products during transportation and handling. Furthermore, its lightweight nature and versatility enable effortless customisation to suit your specific requirements.

By extending the longevity of your produce and incorporating advanced safety features, plastic packaging ensures confidence and security for both you and your customers. Discover the hygiene advantages of plastic packaging alongside the environmental benefits of utilising recycled plastics.

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Cost and Affordability

Businesses benefit from the affordability of plastic packaging, presenting a cost-effective solution for their packaging requirements. Its lightweight nature significantly diminishes shipping and transportation costs, resulting in long-term savings for businesses.

In contrast to conventional packaging materials such as glass and metal, plastic emerges as a more economical choice, delivering both strength and durability.

Benefits of low cost on businesses

Utilising plastic packaging can significantly reduce costs for your business, increasing affordability and improving your bottom line. By implementing plastic packaging, you can reduce transport and logistics costs, while also increasing your transportation capacity. This means that you can transport more goods at a lower cost, resulting in a higher profit margin.

Plastic packaging is lightweight, which means that you can pack more products into each shipment, maximising the use of space and reducing the number of trips required. Additionally, plastic packaging is durable and can withstand the rigors of transportation, reducing the likelihood of damage to your products. This can save you money on replacements and returns.


When selecting packaging materials for your business, consider the remarkable durability that plastic offers.

Plastic packaging is highly resistant to breakage and damage, making it an excellent choice for protecting your products during production and shipping.

Whether you're dealing with perishable food, fragile items, or expensive electronics, plastic ensures that your products arrive in pristine condition. In fact, plastic can be as strong as steel, providing the necessary strength and protection for your goods.

This durability is especially beneficial for transportation, as plastic packaging can withstand stacking and rough handling without getting damaged.

Additionally, plastic packaging is known for its ability to withstand extreme temperatures, making it ideal for storing and preserving food.

With plastic packaging, you can be confident that your products will remain safe and secure throughout their journey.


Plastic packaging's lightweight nature offers significant transport benefits for businesses. Compared to alternatives like glass and wood, plastic materials weigh almost nothing, reducing the overall footprint during transportation.

This advantage allows businesses to transport more products efficiently and cost-effectively, ultimately improving their logistics and supply chain operations.

Transport Benefits

For enhanced transportation efficiency in your business, consider utilising lightweight plastic packaging.

Weight significantly impacts shipping expenses. Opting for lighter packaging reduces overall shipment weight, thereby lowering shipping costs and amplifying profits.

Moreover, lightweight plastic packaging occupies less space compared to alternative options. This enables planes and trucks to carry more per trip, reducing emissions and minimising the carbon footprint.

Employing lightweight plastic packaging not only saves money but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

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Bespoke Packaging

Personalisation stands as a significant advantage when employing plastic packaging for your business, empowering you to craft tailored packaging solutions that are adaptable and versatile to suit your precise requirements.

Plastic offers the flexibility to fashion packaging perfectly suited to your products, irrespective of their shape or size. This adaptability allows for an attractive presentation of your products, enhancing their market appeal. Plastic packaging easily takes on unique and captivating designs, elevating your products' visibility on store shelves.

Furthermore, plastic packaging can be customised to incorporate added functionalities such as handles, spouts, or resealable closures, offering convenience and practicality to your customers.

We offer a comprehensive selection of bespoke packaging options.

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Environmental benefits of recycled plastics

Environmental benefits of recycled plastics
Incorporating recycled plastics into your packaging materials yields significant environmental benefits. Recycling plastic aids in conserving vital natural resources like oil and gas, which form the base for virgin plastics. By opting for reused plastic instead of producing new materials, you play a part in reducing the necessity for extracting and processing these finite resources.

Moreover, recycling plastic diminishes the volume of waste destined for landfills or oceans. Plastic takes centuries to decompose, releasing harmful chemicals as it breaks down. Opting for recycled plastics contributes to a circular economy, curbing pollution and safeguarding ecosystems.

This environmentally conscious choice not only positively impacts the planet but also elevates your brand's reputation, appealing to environmentally aware customers.

At Polymac Packaging we believe in sustainability that is why we offer recycled polythene. Are you curious as to how polythene is continuously recycled? You can now read our article on the Polythene packaging recycling process.

Our Polythene Bags are made from  30% recycled materials

Through the processes described above, Polymac's Polythene Bags
are made from 30% recycled materials.

Increased Produce Longevity

Employing plastic packaging for your produce enables superior humidity control, effectively preserving the freshness and lifespan of your fruits and vegetables.

Plastic packaging forms a protective barrier that prevents moisture loss and reduces exposure to external elements, curbing the acceleration of spoilage.

To optimise the freshness and lifespan of your produce, utilising plastic packaging proves instrumental in managing humidity effectively.

Plastic packaging forms a protective barrier, preventing moisture from escaping or entering, thus maintaining the optimal humidity levels for your produce.

This proves particularly advantageous for perishable items like fruits, vegetables, and other sensitive produce that react to humidity fluctuations.

By regulating moisture levels, plastic packaging slows down the decay and spoilage processes, extending the shelf life of your products.

Furthermore, plastic packaging acts as a shield against external elements such as dust, dirt, and pests, further safeguarding the quality of your produce.

Enhanced humidity control through plastic packaging guarantees prolonged freshness and attractiveness of your products, reducing waste and maximising profitability.

Environmental impacts of reduced produce waste

Enhancing produce longevity by minimising waste holds substantial environmental significance.

Plastic-packaged fresh produce enjoys an extended shelf life, safeguarded against spoilage and decay. This results in reduced waste, curtailing the volume of food destined for landfills.

Food disposed of in landfills contributes to methane production, a potent greenhouse gas intensifying climate change. Employing plastic packaging to extend produce life aids in lessening the environmental impact of food waste by businesses.

Moreover, waste reduction contributes to conserving vital resources like water and energy used in food production and transportation.

Safety and Security

Employing plastic packaging enhances the safety and security of your products, offering clear indications of tampering that discourage potential criminal activities.

Plastic packaging is purposefully designed to be tamper-evident, leaving visible traces if opened or tampered with. These indicators can include seals that break or change colour upon tampering, or packaging that exhibits noticeable damage when opened improperly.

The presence of these tamper-evident features acts as a deterrent to criminals, knowing any tampering attempt will be easily identified. This fortifies protection against theft, contamination, or unauthorised access, ensuring the integrity of your brand and instilling confidence in your customers.

Plastic packaging delivers a crucial benefit to businesses by deterring criminal activities through evident signs of tampering. This feature assures product safety and security, offering customers peace of mind during their purchases.

Hygiene Benefits of Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging offers substantial hygiene benefits, particularly within the medical realm. Its efficacy in transporting and storing sterilised equipment ensures cleanliness and prevents contamination.

With dependable barrier properties, plastic packaging upholds the integrity and safety of medical supplies. The adoption of plastic packaging in the medical sector presents notable advantages for the transportation and storage of sterilised equipment, guaranteeing optimal hygiene.

Plastic packaging serves as a barrier, preserving products from contamination, proving especially valuable in medical packaging. In this context, plastic packaging allows for the sterile filling and sealing of medical equipment like syringes without human intervention, safeguarding against the introduction of bacteria or pathogens that could compromise sterility.

Moreover, the lightweight and durable nature of plastic make it an ideal choice for the secure and efficient transportation of medical supplies. The transparency of plastic packaging enables easy identification of contents, ensuring prompt access to the right equipment when needed.

We offer Vigin polythene plastic for medical purposes, that can then be recycled ensuring a sustainable future. Contact us to find out more

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