Bespoke Packaging
solutions from Polymac

For packaging needs that demand a unique approach, rely on the expertise and tailored solutions provided by industry specialists.

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    If our standard solutions don't meet your requirements, or you're looking for something truly unique, try our bespoke packaging service!

    Polymac Packaging’s bespoke packaging enables you to customise your packaging solution - whether that’s the colour, size, print, gauge or percentage of recycled plastic - to meet your requirements.

    Our bespoke packaging highlights the adaptability of our team to provide an innovative service, tailored to your needs, for complete customer satisfaction.

    As part of this, we offer a thorough consultancy service which enables us to understand your requirements and provide a fresh perspective on how you could re-approach your current packaging processes for improved cost and time efficiency.


    Get in touch below or give our experts a call on 01384 892 441 we’re always happy to help.

      Packaging for all product types

      With bespoke packaging, you can find a packaging solution no matter the type of product you’re handling. So whether you’re packaging delicate goods, or heavier and more robust products, Polymac Packaging is able to supply you with packaging which keeps your product protected.

      We can discuss with you the most appropriate packaging type, as well as any bespoke sizing or gauges you may need, to ensure you utilise the correct packaging whilst minimising wasted material.

      Packaging for all applications

      Bespoke packaging ensures your products are prepared for the requirements of their application, storage or shipment. All events and situations can be accounted for, whether that’s meeting strict health and safety regulations or taking your branding to the next level, our bespoke service enables you to meet all requirements.

      Polymac Packaging’s printing capabilities ensure we can design packaging which conveys the right message.

      Packaging for all budgets

      Bespoke does not always mean more expensive. Standard packaging which is unsuitable for your product can result in costly mistakes and delays.

      Our service ensures you’re taking the most cost efficient packaging route whilst still maintaining the quality your product requires. Our bespoke packaging and consultancy service reviews your existing packaging processes to find a more suitable solution fashioned around your products.

      We use 30% recycled materials in our plastic products

      For bespoke and off-the-shelf products alike, bringing cost savings to your business with recycled packaging solutions.