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Polythene Packaging Manufacturers UK: Superior Sustainable Quality

At Polymac Packaging we offer a wide range of polythene bags, from light to super heavy-duty, tailored to meet every packaging need. Crafted from 100% virgin quality, high-clarity, low-density, food-grade polythene, our products set the standard in packaging excellence. Recognising our responsibility to the environment, we also proudly offer options made from 30% recycled materials, providing an eco-friendlier alternative without compromising on quality. For those seeking specific properties, we provide clear polypropylene options alongside materials known for their high density, high tensile strength, and low slip properties, ensuring a solution for every application.

Sustainability at Our Core

Beyond our commitment to quality, we stand at the forefront of environmental stewardship. Proudly holding a licence to carry waste, Polymac Packaging is a leader in recycling efforts, transforming unused plastics into valuable resources. This not only exemplifies our dedication to reducing environmental impact but also reinforces our pledge to contribute positively to our planet's well-being.

Discover more about our sustainable practices and how we're making a difference with our article on "What is the Polythene Recycling Process?"


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    Discover Our Premium Polythene Bags – Tailored for Sustainability and Versatility


    At Polymac, we're dedicated to delivering high-quality packaging solutions that meet your specific needs while prioritising environmental sustainability. Our extensive range of polythene bags is designed to offer versatility, durability, and a positive environmental impact.

    Eco-Friendly Options for Conscious Packaging:

    • Embrace sustainability with our options of up to 100% recycled plastic bags. Our commitment extends to ensuring that our bags are also 100% recyclable, aligning with eco-friendly packaging practices. Discover more about the polythene recycling process and how it contributes to a greener planet.

    Customisable Features for Enhanced Functionality:

    • Our flexible manufacturing approach allows us to accommodate a variety of custom features. Whether you need a bottom weld or side weld, a gusset for expanded capacity, wicketed bags for easy handling, or perforated bags on reels for convenience, we've got you covered. Additional customisations include:
      • Perforation holes for ventilation
      • Micro-perforation for precise airflow
      • Lateral seals for superior closure
      • Options of permanent, semi-permanent, and resealable strips for secure sealing

    A Spectrum of Choices for Every Requirement:

    • Our polythene bags are available in clear, coloured, and tinted options, with the flexibility to include various additives to meet your unique needs. Whether you're looking for light-duty bags (120g/150g) for minimal requirements, medium-duty (250g/300g), heavy-duty (450g/600g), or super heavy-duty bags (650g/1000g) for the most demanding tasks, we offer a solution.

    Material Excellence for Premium Quality:

    • Choose from 100% virgin quality for high clarity and low-density food-grade polythene or opt for our 30% recycled material to enjoy tax benefits and lessen your carbon footprint. Our commitment to quality extends to offering clear polypropylene, high-density, high tensile strength, and low slip materials, ensuring durability and versatility across applications. Our bags are compatible with heat sealers or bag neck sealers for secure closure.

    Experience and Expertise at Your Service:

    • With years of industry experience, the Polymac team is here to discuss your unique requirements and guide you towards the best packaging solutions. We're committed to not just meeting, but exceeding your expectations with our customisable, environmentally friendly, and high-quality polythene bags.

    Explore our range and take the first step towards responsible and versatile packaging solutions tailored to your needs.

    Our Polythene Bags are made from  30% recycled materials

    Through the processes described above, Polymac's Polythene Bags
    are made from 30% recycled materials.

    At Polymac Packaging , we pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture high-quality polythene bags on-site, ensuring a vast selection of standard finished products readily available in stock. Our extensive range of film materials enables us to offer customised bag lengths with an unbeatably fast turnaround, often within just a few hours, catering to all your bespoke packaging needs.


    • General Purpose Refuse Sacks

      We provide a comprehensive selection of refuse sacks to meet a variety of requirements, whether you're looking for colour-coded options or bespoke refuse sack solutions. Available in a multitude of sizes, widths, and thicknesses, our refuse sacks are crafted from either high-density polythene (HDPE) or low-density polythene (LDPE), according to your specifications. Packaged conveniently in cartons of 200, our durable refuse sacks are designed for efficiency and reliability.

    • Grip Bags

      Discover our range of re-closable LDPE clear grip bags, ideal for numerous applications and available in both standard and heavy-duty thicknesses. Polymac Packaging's diverse assortment of polythene bags ensures a perfect fit for any requirement, including clear and pink tint anti-static options. Engage with our team today to explore how we can address your packaging needs effectively.

    • Carrier Bags

      Our selection includes standard polythene carrier bags, available in various sizes to accommodate your needs, and made-to-order clip close carriers, offering versatility and convenience for retail and personal use.

    • Vest Carriers

      Specialising in large-scale production, our vest-handled carriers are constructed from high-density polythene (HDPE) with a very low gauge, providing a cost-effective solution for carrying substantial weights without compromising on quality.

    • Kraft Carrier Bags

      With a variety of sizes and colours readily available in stock and more options accessible upon request, our Kraft carrier bags offer both style and substance, catering to a wide range of preferences and requirements.

    • Garment Covers

      Available in a comprehensive range of sizes, our garment covers are designed to protect your clothing with precision. Consult our catalogue to find the perfect size to meet your needs, along with approximate quantities.

    • Polypropylene Bags

      Choose from our selection of clear and woven polypropylene bags, each available in different sizes to cater to your unique requirements, ensuring your products are packaged securely and attractively.

    • Builders Rolls (TPS - Temporary Protective Sheeting)

      Our builders rolls are available in various thicknesses and include custom-sized sheets for specific needs, such as 1mtr opening out to 4mtr x 25mtr in both 320g clear and 500g clear options, along with a 1mtr x 50mtr x 800g black micro-perf variant, providing robust protection for all construction and building applications.

    We use 30% recycled materials in our plastic products

    For bespoke and off-the-shelf products alike, bringing cost savings to your business with recycled packaging solutions.