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A high quality, British made stretch wrap you can rely on to safetly secure your goods.

Polymac Packaging’s stretch wrap is created for both manual and automatic packaging operations, as a standard and bespoke wrap designed to secure all types of products.

Stretch wrap has excellent strength and stretchability, whilst maintaining a thin and lightweight composition, making it the perfect material for holding shipments together and minimising damage to your products whilst in transportation.

Tear and puncture resistant, Polymac Packaging’s stretch wrap protects your goods from contamination such as dirt, moisture, and pilferage for total peace of mind. Our wrap is further available with additional tack on both sides for increased stability.


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    Depending on what you require, Polymac Packaging’s stretch wrap is available in extended or flush core format and in clear, black or blue as standard. The extended core format offers greater usability when applying by hand, with the protruding core easily held by the operator.

    For machine applications, our stretch wrap is suitable for automatic and semi-automatic machines alike, making high volume wrapping processes quicker and easier.

    Polymac Packaging is focussed on helping our clients achieve a more environmentally friendly packaging system. As part of this, our stretch wrap is available as a 30% recycled material, with up to 100% recycled plastic achievable.

    Our stretch wrap for both hand applications and machine applications come in standard sizes and gauges/microns, with the ability to discuss with Polymac Packaging your requirements for bespoke sizes.

    With over 50 years of establishment within the packaging industry, Polymac Packaging is able to provide bespoke solutions for your packaging operations. Our team can advise you on the best packaging systems for your requirements, helping you to make your processes more efficient.

    For more information on our stretch wrap and customisation service, speak to a member of the Polymac Packaging team today.

    We use 30% recycled materials in our plastic products

    For bespoke and off-the-shelf products alike, bringing cost savings to your business with recycled packaging solutions.