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Secure and Protect: Polymac Packaging’s Premier Stretch Wrap

Polymac Packaging offers a premier stretch wrap solution tailored for both manual and automatic packaging operations. Our stretch wrap combines exceptional strength and stretchability with a thin and lightweight design, making it an ideal choice for securing shipments of all types. Its superior material properties ensure that your products remain tightly bundled and minimally damaged during transport, providing optimal protection and security.

Crafted to be tear and puncture-resistant, our stretch wrap offers unparalleled protection against common hazards such as dirt, moisture, and tampering, giving you total peace of mind. With the added feature of extra tack on both sides, our wrap ensures increased stability, keeping your goods in pristine condition from the warehouse to their final destination.

Whether you require standard or bespoke wrap solutions, Polymac Packaging stands ready to meet your needs with a product designed to secure and protect your products effectively. Explore the benefits of our stretch wrap to discover how we can enhance the safety and integrity of your shipments, ensuring they arrive as intended, every time.

A high quality, British made stretch wrap you can rely on to safetly secure your goods.


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    Our Stretch Wrap products are made from  30% recycled materials

    Polymac Packaging offers a versatile range of stretch wraps and pallet covers, designed to meet the varied needs of our clients. Whether you require an extended or flush core format for manual or machine application, our products are available in clear, black, or blue as standard options. The extended core format enhances usability for hand applications, featuring a protruding core that operators can easily hold.

    For those with machine wrapping needs, our stretch wrap is perfectly suited for both automatic and semi-automatic machines, streamlining high-volume wrapping operations for efficiency and ease.

    Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

    In our journey towards a more environmentally friendly packaging system, Polymac Packaging proudly offers stretch wrap made from 30% recycled material, with options available for up to 100% recycled plastic. This initiative underscores our dedication to reducing the environmental impact of packaging solutions.

    Our Range Includes:

    • Pallet Covers

      Protect your pallet contents from adverse weather and dirty environments. Our pallet covers are produced and dispatched usually within 3-5 working days, allowing for quick and easy shrinkage with a shrink gun in under 5 minutes.

    • Hand Stretch Wrap

      Ideal for securing irregular-shaped goods, available in standard colours and various sizes and lengths to meet your specific requirements.

    • Machine Stretch Film

      Operator-friendly and tear-resistant, suitable for all types of wrapping machines, including an option for pre-stretch formats to cater to specific machine requirements.

    Each of our stretch wrap options, whether for hand or machine applications, comes in standard sizes and thicknesses, with Polymac Packaging ready to discuss bespoke requirements to ensure your packaging operations are as efficient as possible.

    With over 50 years in the packaging industry, our expertise enables us to offer customised solutions that enhance your packaging operations. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to advising on the most effective packaging systems, tailored to your specific needs, ensuring process efficiency and environmental responsibility.

    We use 30% recycled materials in our plastic products

    For bespoke and off-the-shelf products alike, bringing cost savings to your business with recycled packaging solutions.