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The go-to solution for storage and shipment protection.

Cost-effective and reliable, bubble wrap is the proven solution for goods protection. Protect your fragile and delicate products during transportation and storage with Polymac Packaging’s bubble wrap for wrapping and void protection.

Our bubble wrap is available as a transparent sheet with small (10mm diameter) bubbles or large (20mm diameter) bubbles for the protection of all sized goods. The transparent wrap enables quick and easy identification of contents, with our selection of bubble sizes meeting the cushioning requirements for all types of products.


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    Likewise, Polymac Packaging is able to supply bubble wrap in all sizes for the protection of your goods. Polymac Packaging’s standard and bespoke service is designed to help you find the most appropriate solution for your packaging requirements simply and speedily. That means if we don’t hold suitable standard specifications, our products can be manufactured to order.

    As part of this, we further offer bubble bags and pouches which can be sealed with a self-seal strip or plain top. The bubble bags and pouches are designed for swift packaging, whilst still offering the protection of traditional bubble wrap. Our bags and pouches feature a smooth finish on the inside, ensuring products can slide in and out easily.

    Bubble Rolls

    Polymac Packaging’s bubble rolls supply you with a bulk of high quality bubble film to dispense as and when.

    Our rolls are perfect for industrial and commercial use, whether meeting high volume demand or for lower and fluctuating demand. Our bubble rolls are available in different formats for the requirements of all company types and sizes; this includes large and small rolls for the protection of all items.

    Our bubble rolls are supplied on rolls for ease of use by hand or machine, and are also available as perforated sheets to be quickly separated from the roll.

    Choose from small (10cm diameter) or large (20cm diameter) bubbles, or talk to a member of our experienced team for their advice and guidance on the right solution for you.

    Never find yourself short on protective packaging again - our bubble rolls are available to purchase as a singular roll or as complete bundles, so that you can rely upon a delivery service that meets your needs.

    We use 30% recycled materials in our plastic products

    For bespoke and off-the-shelf products alike, bringing cost savings to your business with recycled packaging solutions.