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Lat flat tubing and sheeting offers a versatile packaging method for your difficult-to-bag items.

Lay flat tubing is a length of open-ended polythene bag, supplied on a reel, and designed to be cut to length and sealed as your packaging requires. This tubing provides an easy-to-use protective sleeve for irregular shaped items, and can be sealed at both ends for complete coverage.

Polymac Packaging supplies lay flat tubing and sheeting for the straightforward creation of custom sized bags, delivered on reels for ease of application. We offer a large range of tubing and sheeting sizes, from narrow to wide, and a number of gauges/microns available to suit all goods.


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    Our bespoke lay flat tubing and sheeting is available for more exacting requirements. Choose the correct width, colour, and weight per reel for your application, with the ability to custom print tubing and sheeting for a truly unique product. We can also treat sheeting for UV protection if required.

    Lay flat tubing is the perfect solution for reducing your packaging waste. With this material, you only use the length you need from the reel, when you need it - eradicating wasted packaging on irregular shaped items. This is suitable for commercial and industrial applications alike.

    Lay flat sheeting is also incredibly versatile; often known as ‘builder’s roll’, it can be used to cover large areas in decorating and construction environments, offering a waterproof membrane to protect products.

    The Polymac Packaging team has decades of combined experience to help advise you on the right packaging for your application. Whether you’re unsure of the specifications you may need, or require a complete review of your current packaging solutions, our team is on hand to help.

    If you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly option, our polythene tubing and sheeting can be created with 30% and up to 100% granulated and recycled material. Our packaging is further recyclable.

    We use 30% recycled materials in our plastic products

    For bespoke and off-the-shelf products alike, bringing cost savings to your business with recycled packaging solutions.