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Lay Flat Tubing and Sheeting

Poly-tubing (lay flat tubing) is used for wrapping items that may have differing lengths but similar width or difficult to bag items such as posters, curtain rails and fishing rods.

Lay flat tubing is sold by weight, each roll in kg is the same as the width of the roll in inches, and therefore an 8" stock reel will weigh 8kg (this is regardless of the thickness as the lighter the gauge, the more meterage per roll to compensate). We manufacture from 2" upwards, from 120g to 1000g thickness.

Where more comprehensive covering is required we also manufacture a large range of sheeting sizes. There are many standard sizes to choose from, alternatively we can manufacture to match our customers precise requirements (bespoke widths, colours, weight per roll or even printed film).

Polythene Bags

An extensive range of polythene bags are manufactured on site. Manufactured from 100% virgin grade quality, high clarity, low density polythene as standard. We can also provide high density polypropylene, high tensile strength and low slip materials. We stock most of the standard sizes ie; 4"x 6, 6" x 8" but can supply to suit your requirements. Coloured or tinted bags are not a problem and we can also include other additives in the process if required such as linear for extra strength or UV protection.

Bottom weld, side weld, gusseted, perforated on reels, wicketted, printed, mailing, resealable... the list is endless.


Other Products

Our other products include general purpose refuse sacks, bubble wrap, grip seal bags, gift bags, garment covers, boxes, pallet covers, stretch films, temporary protective sheeting, tapes, dispensers, workwear and heat sealing machines.