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    Polymac has been faithfully serving Newport and the surrounding areas such as:

    Briton, Ferry, Gower area, Morriston, Neath, Port Talbot, Skewen and Sketty

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    Nestled within Newport, a city where historical depth and modern growth intersect, Polymac Packaging emerges as a leader in quality and reliability within the packaging industry. Newport, with its revitalised riverfront and the impressive Transporter Bridge, has an expanding need for superior packaging materials to support its diverse economic activities. As a long-standing packaging supplier, Polymac meets this challenge head-on, delivering a range of packaging solutions tailored to every need. We offer next-day delivery to address your urgent requirements. With over 50 years of experience in British-manufactured packaging, we're committed to providing dependable service and maintaining our reputation for quality and timely delivery.

    Polythene Bags:

    • General-purpose refuse sacks: Available in various sizes and made from either high-density or low-density polythene, these sacks are versatile and robust, designed to handle any task with ease.
    • Grip bags: Feature a re-closable design, ideal for multiple uses ranging from industrial to personal, providing secure containment and easy access.
    • Bespoke Kraft and vest carrier bags: Offer a blend of retail elegance and practicality, tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses seeking a sophisticated presentation.


    • Hot melt polypropylene: Known for its strong bonding ability, this tape is perfect for applications requiring a durable seal.
    • Eco-friendly paper adhesives: Serve the needs of environmentally conscious businesses, combining sustainability with performance.
    • High-visibility warning tapes: Eye-catching and essential for ensuring safety and visibility in packaging, ideal for alerting handlers to special care instructions.

    Polymac Packaging’s bespoke packaging enables you to customise your packaging solution - whether that’s the colour, size, print, gauge or percentage of recycled plastic - to meet your requirements.

    Our bespoke packaging highlights the adaptability of our team to provide an innovative service, tailored to your needs, for complete customer satisfaction.

    Bubble Wrap:

    • Renowned for providing unparalleled protection, ensuring that fragile items are securely cushioned during transit.


    • Available in a wide range of sizes, this tubing offers customizable packaging solutions, enhancing versatility and meeting diverse industry specifications.

    Our Polythene Bags are made from  30% recycled materials

    Find out more about what we do to ensure we keep our planet alive.

    Read our article about the plastic recycling process.

    Stretch Wrap:

    • Pallet covers and machine stretch film: Play an indispensable role in securing pallets and goods in transit, crucial for maintaining the safety and integrity of shipments.

    Moreover, Polymac Packaging sets itself apart with its commitment to outstanding customer service. Recognised for being friendly and approachable, we take pride in our next-day delivery service to the Midlands, ensuring that your business needs are met promptly and efficiently.

    Choose Polymac Packaging for your packaging company — where excellence in packaging aligns with Aberdeen's unique blend of industrial vigour and natural beauty, and where friendly service and rapid delivery are part of our promise to you.

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